Alibaba ICBU’s Success with ALPHA CX Services

Client: Alibaba International Cross-Border Unit (ICBU)

Challenge: In the fast-paced world of international e-commerce, Alibaba ICBU sought to optimize their buyer-seller dynamics and enhance user growth on their platform. The primary challenges were to facilitate seamless online matching between buyers and sellers and to convert potential buyers into active, registered users, thereby boosting platform transactions.

Solution: ALPHA CX, a renowned provider of customer experience services, was chosen by Alibaba ICBU for their expertise in Buyer-Seller Online Matching and Buyer Growth Services.


1. Buyer-Seller Online Matching Service

  • Objective: ALPHA CX aimed to streamline the process of connecting buyers and sellers, making online transactions more efficient and effective.
  • Approach: The team employed a multi-faceted approach, leveraging various channels like phone, email, and WhatsApp for strategic outreach. This approach ensured a broad yet targeted reach to potential merchants and buyers.
  • Execution:
    • Merchant Lead Collection: Gathering leads by identifying potential sellers suitable for Alibaba’s marketplace.
    • Multi-Channel Invitations: Reaching out to these leads through diverse communication channels.
    • 1-on-1 Online Matching: Facilitating direct interactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring optimal matches.
    • Project Goal Accomplishment: Meeting and exceeding the set targets for buyer-seller matches.
  • Results: The service was a resounding success, significantly increasing the efficiency of the buyer-seller matching process on Alibaba’s platform. ALPHA CX’s efforts were recognized by both Alibaba and its service merchants.

2. Buyer Growth Service

  • Objective: To expand Alibaba’s user base by converting potential clients into registered users and promoting transaction activities on the platform.
  • Approach: Targeted communication strategies were employed to engage potential clients, tailored to their specific interests and needs.
  • Execution:
    • Identifying Potential Clients: Using data-driven methods to pinpoint potential buyers.
    • Targeted Communication: Engaging these potential clients through personalized messaging and outreach.
    • Conversion to Registered Users: Encouraging sign-ups and registrations on the Alibaba platform.
    • Promoting Transaction Activities: Facilitating and motivating new users to participate in transactions.
  • Results: This initiative led to a substantial increase in registered users on Alibaba’s platform, thereby stimulating platform transaction activities and contributing to the overall growth of the marketplace.

Impact: The collaboration between Alibaba ICBU and ALPHA CX marked a significant milestone in e-commerce customer experience and platform optimization. Through innovative approaches and dedicated service, ALPHA CX not only met Alibaba’s immediate objectives but also laid down a foundation for sustained user growth and efficient market interactions. This successful partnership highlights the power of strategic buyer-seller connections and targeted user engagement in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape.